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Kaun Banega Crorepati KBC Quiz set 3 | Online KBC Quiz

Kaun Banega Crorepati KBC Quiz set 3 - Play online kbc quiz with MCQs questions and check your computer general knowledge. At the end of the kbc quiz, you can check your results and answers of quetions. These quiz will help you improve your computer general knowledge.
12, Jan 2022 616 Mukesh
  • Quiz Q. 1: Which of these medical conditions is most likely to cause dehydration?
  • Quiz Q. 2: Who is the only MP in the current Lok Sabha who is also an Olympic medalist?
  • Quiz Q. 3: In which state is the Larji Hydroelectric Power Project located?
  • Quiz Q. 4: During which of these legendary events did Lord Vishnu take the form of Kurma?
  • Quiz Q. 5: Effective on may 2014,the European union imposed a temporary ban on the import of which of these fruits from India?
  • Quiz Q. 6: Where did Homi Jehangir Bhaba, the principal architect of India’s nuclear program, die in a plane crash?
  • Quiz Q. 7: Whose autobiography is titled ‘Man of Everest’ also published as ‘Tiger of the snows’?
  • Quiz Q. 8: What is gulab jamun a type of?
  • Quiz Q. 9: In the film 2 states, a Punjabi boy falls in love with a ___ girl
  • Quiz Q. 10: What is the minimum number of coins of current denomination that will add up to make 8 Indian rupees?