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Computer Quiz Set 3 | Basics Computer General Knowledge Quiz

Interesting Basics Generak Knowledge Computer Quiz Set 3 - Play Computer general knowledge quiz for govt exam preparation and improve your computer gk, computer quiz questions with answers.

12, Jan 2022 51 Mukesh
  • Quiz Q. 1: Who is known as the father of supercomputing
  • Quiz Q. 2: Who is known as the father of C programming Language
  • Quiz Q. 3: Who programmed the first computer game 'Spacewar!' in 1962
  • Quiz Q. 4: When NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) was eastablished
  • Quiz Q. 5: Who is known as the father of internet
  • Quiz Q. 6: Which one is the first high level programming language
  • Quiz Q. 7: Which one is the first word processor application
  • Quiz Q. 8: Which one is the current fastest Supercomputer in India
  • Quiz Q. 9: India's first Super Computer PARAM 8000 was installed in
  • Quiz Q. 10: Who developed Java Programming Language