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MCQs Computer Quiz | Play Online Computer GK Quiz

General knowledge computer Quiz set 2 is here, Let`s play the computer GK quiz and narrow your computer knowledge it will help you for various types of govt exams preparation and will improve your computer gk as well.

12, Jan 2022 489 Mukesh
MCQs Computer Quiz | Play Online Computer GK Quiz
  • Quiz Q. 1: Which is not an Internet protocol?
  • Quiz Q. 2: One Terabyte (1 TB) is equal to?
  • Quiz Q. 3: FUll form of "www"?
  • Quiz Q. 4: What is mean of "OS" in computer?
  • Quiz Q. 5: .JPG file extensions is used for?
  • Quiz Q. 6: Which is the first search engine in internet?
  • Quiz Q. 7: What is the full form of BIT?
  • Quiz Q. 8: Which one is different from others?
  • Quiz Q. 9: Which programming language is used to craete programs like applets?
  • Quiz Q. 10: Who is the father of Indian Supercomputing?