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Basic database objective question answer | DBMS Multi Choice Questions - page 1

Basic database management system objective question answer for various academic and competitive exams, Database MCQ, Database management system objective question and answers that can improve your database knowledge.

MCQ.1 Which of the following products implemented the CODASYL DBTG model?

(A) DB2(B) dBase-II(C) R:base(D) IDMS

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Answer : (D) IDMS

MCQ.2 An Enterprise Resource Planning application is an example of a(n)

(A) Single-user database application(B) Multiuser database application(C) Data mining database application(D) E-commerce database application

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Answer : (B) Multiuser database application

MCQ.3 A DBMS that combines a DBMS and an application generator is

(A) Microsoft's SQL Server(B) Microsoft's Access(C) IBM's DB2(D) Oracle Corporation's Oracle

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Answer : (B) Microsoft's Access

MCQ.4 Which of the following is not considered to be a basic element of an enterprise-class database system?

(A) Users(B) Database applications(C) DBMS(D) COBOL programs

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Answer : (D) COBOL programs

MCQ.5 The DBMS that is most difficult to use is

(A) Microsoft's SQL Server(B) Microsoft's Access(C) Oracle Corporation's Oracle(D) IBM's DB2

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Answer : (C) Oracle Corporation's Oracle

MCQ.6 In tuple relational calculus P1 → P2 is equivalent to

(A) P1 ∨ P2(B) P1 ∧ P2(C) ¬ P1 ∨ P2(D) P1 ∧ ¬P2

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Answer : (C) ¬ P1 ∨ P2

MCQ.7 A logical schema

(A) Describe data in terms of relational tables and columns, object-oriented classes, and XML tags(B) Is the entire database.(C) Describes how data is actually stored on disk.(D) Both (A) and (C)

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Answer : (B) Is the entire database.

MCQ.8 Related fields in a database are grouped to form a

(A) Data file(B) Data record(C) Menu.(D) Bank

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Answer : (B) Data record

MCQ.9 The way a particular application views the data from the database that the application uses is a

(A) Module(B) Relational model(C) Schema(D) Sub schema

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Answer : (D) Sub schema

MCQ.10 The property / properties of a database is / are

(A) It is an integrated collection of logically related records(B) It consolidates separate files into a common pool of data records.(C) Data stored in a database is independent of the application programs using it(D) All of the above

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Answer : (D) All of the above

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