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Microsoft MS Word Shortcut Keys | MS Word Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft MS Word Shortcut Keys - We are sharing the MS Word shortcut keys objective multi-choice question and answers that help you in competitive exams. Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word, Useful Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts, Most Useful Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys

MCQ.1 In Microsoft Word Shortcut  "Ctrl + W" is used for

(A) Without Save, Close Document(B) Save and Print the Document(C) Save and Close document(D) Save and Close Word Application

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Answer : (C) Save and Close document

MCQ.2 In Microsoft Word Shortcut "Ctrl+S" is used for

(A) Scenarios(B) Size(C) Spelling Check(D) Save

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Answer : (D) Save

MCQ.3 In Microsoft Word Shortcut "Ctrl + M" is used for

(A) New Document(B) Left Indent(C) Right Indent(D) Close Document

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Answer : (B) Left Indent

MCQ.4 In Microsoft Word Shortcut "Ctrl + C" is used for

(A) Copy the selected text(B) Cut the selected text(C) Print the selected text(D) Paste the selected text

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Answer : (A) Copy the selected text

MCQ.5 In Microsoft Word Shortcut "Ctrl + Q" is used for

(A) Remove Paragraph formatting (Line Space and Paragraph Space)(B) Close Word Application without saving Document(C) Print Whole Document without confirmation(D) Does nothing

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Answer : (A) Remove Paragraph formatting (Line Space and Paragraph Space)

MCQ.6 In Microsoft Word Shortcut "Ctrl + R" is used for

(A) Re-Open the last closed document(B) Re-Print the last printed page(C) Re-Apply the last paragraph formatting(D) Right align the selected Paragraph

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Answer : (D) Right align the selected Paragraph

MCQ.7 You can detect spelling and grammar errors by

(A) Press F7(B) Press Shift + F7(C) Press Alt+ F7(D) Press Ctrl + F7

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Answer : (A) Press F7

MCQ.8 How can you break the current column?

(A) Press Alt + Enter(B) Press Ctrl + Enter(C) Press Alt + Shift + Enter(D) Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter

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Answer : (D) Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter

MCQ.9 How can you disable extended selection mode?

(A) Press F8 again to disable(B) Press Del to disable(C) Press Esc to disable(D) Press Enter to disable

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Answer : (C) Press Esc to disable

MCQ.10 In Microsoft Word Shortcut "Ctrl + V" is used for

(A) Paste Texts in the beginning of Document(B) Paste Images in the beginning of Document(C) Paste Tables at the middle of Document(D) None of the above

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Answer : (D) None of the above

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