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Internet Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Quiz | Internet GK - page 4

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MCQ.1 RDP client runs on

(A) Clients(B) Routers(C) Hosts(D) Switches

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Answer : (C) Hosts

MCQ.2 Which is the false statement

(A) Telnet is used for remote login(B) FTP can transfer files between two hosts(C) SMTP used to send mail message(D) TFTP rely on TCP

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Answer : (D) TFTP rely on TCP

MCQ.3 The default port for SMTP is

(A) 22(B) 23(C) 24(D) 25

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Answer : (D) 25

MCQ.4 SNMP used for

(A) Sending Message(B) Network management(C) Domain Management(D) Sending files

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Answer : (B) Network management

MCQ.5 Which agency assign IPs


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Answer : (C) ICANN

MCQ.6 Which is the component of IP

(A) Client Identifier(B) Network Identifier(C) Host Identifier(D) Both B and C

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Answer : (D) Both B and C

MCQ.7 Which IP address is reserved for loop back or local host

(A) None of these

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Answer : (C)

MCQ.8 Which class of IP is used in smaller organizations

(A) Class A(B) Class B(C) Class C(D) Class D

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Answer : (C) Class C

MCQ.9 The size of the IPv4 is

(A) 16 Bits(B) 32 Bits(C) 64 Bits(D) 128 Bits

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Answer : (B) 32 Bits

MCQ.10 Which is the part of IP

(A) Netid(B) Subnetid(C) Hosted(D) All of these

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Answer : (D) All of these

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