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Internet Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Quiz | Internet GK - page 1

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MCQ.1 Which of the following is used to write web pages?


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Answer : (D) HTML

MCQ.2 NetBIOS is developed by:

(A) IBM(B) Microsoft(C) Sun(D) None of these

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Answer : IBM

MCQ.3 www stands for

(A) World Wide Web(B) Web World Web(C) World Wide Weblink(D) Wide World Web

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Answer : (A) World Wide Web

MCQ.4 Which IEEE standard is developed for CSMA/CD

(A) IEEE 802.1(B) IEEE 802.2(C) IEEE 802.3(D) IEEE 802.4

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Answer : (C) IEEE 802.3

MCQ.5 Which is the part of Data Link Layer

(A) LLC(B) MAC(C) Both A and B(D) None of these

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Answer : (C) Both A and B

MCQ.6 Which network architecture is developed by IBM?

(A) System Network Architecture(B) Digital Network Architecture(C) Boroughs Network Architecture(D) Distributed Network Architecture

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Answer : (A) System Network Architecture

MCQ.7 ............are hardware and software combinations that connect devices running different native protocols

(A) Protocols(B) Models(C) Ports(D) Gateways

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Answer : (D) Gateways

MCQ.8 Which is the lowest layer of TCP/IP model

(A) Host to Host Layer(B) Network Access Layers(C) Internet Layer(D) Application Layer

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Answer : (B) Network Access Layers

MCQ.9 an access channel for computers to exchange information

(A) Socket(B) Port(C) Gateways(D) Protocol

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Answer : (B) Port

MCQ.10 How many ports a computer may have

(A) 128(B) 256(C) 1024(D) 65535

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Answer : (D) 65535

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