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Internet Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Quiz | Internet GK

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MCQ.1 The internet also known simply as


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Answer : (C) NET

MCQ.2 TCP/IP is a:

(A) Network Hardware(B) Network Software(C) Protocol(D) None of these

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Answer : (C) Protocol

MCQ.3 The standard protocol of the Internet is

(A) Java(B) Flash(C) HTML(D) TCP/IP

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Answer : (D) TCP/IP

MCQ.4 Which of the following is an example of connectivity?

(A) Floppy Disk(B) Data(C) Internet(D) Power card

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Answer : (C) Internet

MCQ.5 Which protocol use to transmit information on the World Wide Web


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Answer : (D) HTTP

MCQ.6 OSI stands for

(A) Open System Interface(B) Out System Interface(C) Open System Interconnection(D) Out System Interconnection

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Answer : (C) Open System Interconnection

MCQ.7 TCP/IP mainly used for

(A) File Transfer(B) Email(C) Remote Login Service(D) All of these

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Answer : (D) All of these

MCQ.8 A web address is also called a --------


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Answer : (B) URL

MCQ.9 IPX/SPX used for

(A) Linux(B) Unix(C) Novel NetWare(D) Windows

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Answer : (C) Novel NetWare

MCQ.10 A.............shares hardware, software and data among authorized user

(A) IP(B) CPU(C) Network(D) DNS

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Answer : (C) Network

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