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Computer Graphics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Quiz - page 14

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MCQ.1 Term which refers to the sharpness or clarity of an image, is

(A) Pitch(B) Pixel(C) Signal(D) Resolution

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Answer : (D) Resolution

MCQ.2 Quality of images that a monitor can display is defined as much by

(A) Video card(B) Video controller(C) Video adapter(D) All of these

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Answer : (D) All of these

MCQ.3 Specification of a monitor which describes the usable portion of the screen is termed as

(A) Refresh rate(B) Resolution(C) Dot-pitch(D) Viewable area

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Answer : (A) Refresh rate

MCQ.4 Refresh rate is measured in?

(A) MBPS(B) Hertz(C) Kilo hertz(D) Mega hertz

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Answer : (B) Hertz

MCQ.5 Dot pitch is measured as a fraction of

(A) KM(B) MG(C) HZ(D) MM

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Answer : (D) MM

MCQ.6 Type of monitor which is common in desktop computers is

(A) Cathode-ray tube(B) Flat-panel(C) Monochrome(D) Projector

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Answer : (A) Cathode-ray tube

MCQ.7 If you move the pointer too quickly, it seems to disappear, this effect is known as

(A) Submarining(B) Vanishing(C) Shadow(D) Refresh

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Answer : (A) Submarining

MCQ.8 Monitor use various intensities of colors to generate the rainbow, these colors are in number

(A) 7(B) 3(C) 4(D) 16

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Answer : (D) 16

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