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Computer Graphics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Quiz - page 12

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MCQ.1 The purpose of display processor is __from the graphics routine task?

(A) To free the secondary memory(B) To free the CPU(C) To free the main memory(D) None of these

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Answer : (B) To free the CPU

MCQ.2 Length of shift register in bits is equal to __?

(A) Number of scan lines(B) A single scan lines(C) One word(D) One bit

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Answer : (A) Number of scan lines

MCQ.3 Data hazards occur when?

(A) Machine size is limited(B) Greater performance loss(C) Pipeline changes the order of read/write accesses to operands(D) Some functional unit is not fully pipelined

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Answer : (D) Some functional unit is not fully pipelined

MCQ.4 The main hardware components of a graphics workstation are

(A) Display devices, recorder(B) Input and out put device(C) CPU and Display Processor(D) Plotter, joystick

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Answer : (C) CPU and Display Processor

MCQ.5 Which device is used to specify scalar values?

(A) String(B) Stroke(C) Locator(D) Valuator

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Answer : (D) Valuator

MCQ.6 Smallest size object that can be displayed on a monitor is called

(A) Picture element(B) Point(C) Dot Pitch(D) Aspect ratio

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Answer : (A) Picture element

MCQ.7 Each screen point is referred to as

(A) Resolution(B) Pixel(C) Persistence(D) Dot Pitch

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Answer : (C) Persistence

MCQ.8 Identify different type of computer graphics

(A) Monochrome and Color(B) CRT and Flat panel(C) Vector an Raster(D) Monitors and Hardcopy devices

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Answer : (C) Vector an Raster

MCQ.9 DVST stands for

(A) Digital View Storing Table(B) Direct Visual Storage Tube(C) Direct View Storage Tube(D) Digital View Storage Tube

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Answer : (C) Direct View Storage Tube

MCQ.10 A bitmap is____bit(s) per pixels

(A) 0(B) 1(C) 2(D) 3

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Answer : (B) 1

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