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Computer Graphics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Quiz

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MCQ.1 How many types of video compressions?

(A) 2(B) 3(C) 4(D) 5

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Answer : (A) 2

MCQ.2 Which image files are a lossy format?


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Answer : (C) JPEG

MCQ.3 How many step process for creating a 3D animation?

(A) 1(B) 2(C) 3(D) 4

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Answer : (C) 3

MCQ.4 Which file creates a perfect reproduction of the original images?

(A) Shockwave(B) Nx View(C) JPG(D) GIF

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Answer : (D) GIF

MCQ.5 Which of the following is a technique to blend two or more images to form a new image?

(A) Modeling(B) Morphing(C) Animating(D) Warping

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Answer : (B) Morphing

MCQ.6 Expand JPEG

(A) Joint Photo Experts Gross(B) Joint Photographic Experts Gross(C) Joint Photographic Experts Group(D) Joint Photographic Expression Group

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Answer : (C) Joint Photographic Experts Group

MCQ.7 Expand GIF?

(A) Graphic Information File(B) Graphic Interchange Format(C) Graphic Information Format(D) Graphic Interchange File

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Answer : (B) Graphic Interchange Format

MCQ.8 Which compressions provide some loss of quality?

(A) Lossy(B) Loss less(C) Cel based(D) Object based

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Answer : (A) Lossy

MCQ.9 Which of the following is a computer based presentation technique?

(A) Slides(B) Tutorial(C) Mutimedia(D) Data processing

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Answer : (C) Mutimedia

MCQ.10 What does MMF stand for

(A) Mutimedia System(B) Mutimedia Messaging System(C) Mutimedia Messaging Services(D) Multimedia Services

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Answer : (B) Mutimedia Messaging System

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