Computer general knowledge questions and answers quiz | Online Computer GK - page 3 - QuizWine

Computer general knowledge questions and answers quiz | Online Computer GK - page 3

Computer general knowledge questions and answers quiz -We are sharing basic computer general knowledge objective question and answer that can improve your computer general knowledge, all these questions can also help in competition exams. Computer Objective Questions, Computer MCQ Questions, Computer multi choice questions, Computer Gk etc.

MCQ.1 What is NISG?

(A) Neft Institute of Smart Governance(B) National Institute of Smart Governance(C) National Institute of System Governance(D) National Information of Smart Governance

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Answer : (B) National Institute of Smart Governance

MCQ.2 Tic-Tac-Toe is

(A) 1st Programming Language(B) 1st Computer(C) 1st graphical game(D) 1st game

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Answer : (C) 1st graphical game

MCQ.3 GPS was developed by?

(A) US India(B) US UAE(C) US Germany(D) US Army

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Answer : (D) US Army

MCQ.4 Which famous web site was found by Jeffry Bezos?


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Answer : (A)

MCQ.5 In which year Microsoft Office was launched?

(A) 1986(B) 1987(C) 1988(D) 1989

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Answer : (D) 1989

MCQ.6 First computer virus is known as?

(A) Rabbit(B) Creeper Virus(C) Elk Cloner(D) SCA Virus

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Answer : (B) Creeper Virus

MCQ.7 Which one programming language is exclusively used for artificial intelligence?

(A) C(B) Java(C) J2EE(D) Prolog

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Answer : (D) Prolog

MCQ.8 Firewall in computer is used for?

(A) Security(B) Data Transmission(C) Authentication(D) Monitoring

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Answer : (A) Security

MCQ.9 A dual layer Blue-ray Disc can store data upto?

(A) 20 GB(B) 35 GB(C) 12 GB(D) 50 GB

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Answer : (D) 50 GB

MCQ.10 Which of the following is not an operating system?

(A) DOS(B) Mac(C) Linux(D) C++

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Answer : (D) C++

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