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Computer general knowledge questions and answers quiz | Online Computer GK - page 21

Computer general knowledge questions and answers quiz -We are sharing basic computer general knowledge objective question and answer that can improve your computer general knowledge, all these questions can also help in competition exams. Computer Objective Questions, Computer MCQ Questions, Computer multi choice questions, Computer Gk etc.

MCQ.1 MS-Office is program for

(A) Presentation(B) Documentation(C) Calculation(D) Data Base

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Answer : (B) Documentation

MCQ.2 Ctrl+B is used to?

(A) To underline the selected text(B) To save the text(C) To Bold the selected text(D) To itallic the text

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Answer : (C) To Bold the selected text

MCQ.3 FTP stand for

(A) File Transfer Post(B) File Transfer Protocol(C) File Transit Protocol(D) None of these

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Answer : (B) File Transfer Protocol

MCQ.4 Disk and tape drives are commonly used?

(A) Hard copy(B) Soft copy(C) Secondary storage devices(D) Primary storage devices

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Answer : (C) Secondary storage devices

MCQ.5 UTP stands for

(A) Unshielded Transmission Protocol(B) Unshielded Transfer Pair(C) Unshielded T-line Protocol(D) Unshielded Twisted Pair

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Answer : (D) Unshielded Twisted Pair

MCQ.6 OCR stands for

(A) Output Character Recorder(B) Output Character Recognition(C) Optical Character Recorder(D) Optical Character Recognition

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Answer : (D) Optical Character Recognition

MCQ.7 DVD Stands For

(A) Digital Versatile Disk(B) Digital Versatile Drive(C) Digital volume disk(D) Digital Video drive

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Answer : (A) Digital Versatile Disk

MCQ.8 Bit is also called

(A) Small(B) Character(C) Byte(D) Binary Digit

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Answer : (D) Binary Digit

MCQ.9 API stands for

(A) Algorithmic Protocol Interface(B) Adapter Protocol Interface(C) Application Programming Interface(D) Accellerated Programming Interface

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Answer : (C) Application Programming Interface

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