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Computer general knowledge questions and answers quiz | Online Computer GK - page 2

Computer general knowledge questions and answers quiz -We are sharing basic computer general knowledge objective question and answer that can improve your computer general knowledge, all these questions can also help in competition exams. Computer Objective Questions, Computer MCQ Questions, Computer multi choice questions, Computer Gk etc.

MCQ.1 Which IT company got name from Sanfrancisco?

(A) Apple(B) Nokia(C) CISCO(D) Google

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Answer : (C) CISCO

MCQ.2 What is IMEI?

(A) Identity Mobile Equipment International(B) International Mobile Equipment Identity(C) International Method Equipment Identity(D) International Mobile Elight Identity

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Answer : (B) International Mobile Equipment Identity

MCQ.3 What is e-zine?

(A) Electronic Magazines(B) Electronic Motor(C) Electronic Mobile(D) Electronic Book

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Answer : (A) Electronic Magazines

MCQ.4 What is the full form of ASCII?

(A) American Standard Code for Information Interchange(B) All Standard Code for Information Interchange(C) American Stand Code for Information Interchange(D) American Standard Code for Information of india

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Answer : (A) American Standard Code for Information Interchange

MCQ.5 Who developed first portable computer?

(A) James Gosling(B) Charles Babbage(C) Douglas Engelbart(D) Adam Osborne

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Answer : (D) Adam Osborne

MCQ.6 What is NIC?

(A) Network Interface Card(B) Network Information Card(C) Network Interface Computer(D) Network Information Computer

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Answer : (A) Network Interface Card

MCQ.7 Whose motto is "wisdom of mass principle?

(A) Google(B) Wikipedia(C) Yahoo(D) Apple

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Answer : (B) Wikipedia

MCQ.8 Who is the father of computer ethics?

(A) David J. Brown(B) Charles Babbage(C) Norbetweiner(D) Seymour Cray

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Answer : (C) Norbetweiner

MCQ.9 Which Indian state implemented 'Cyber Grameen' ?

(A) Rajathan(B) Andhra Pradesh(C) Delhi(D) Gujrat

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Answer : (B) Andhra Pradesh

MCQ.10 What is a blog?

(A) Online website(B) Online Data Collection(C) Online Document(D) Online journals and diaries

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Answer : (D) Online journals and diaries

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