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Computer general knowledge questions and answers quiz | Online Computer GK - page 1

Computer general knowledge questions and answers quiz -We are sharing basic computer general knowledge objective question and answer that can improve your computer general knowledge, all these questions can also help in competition exams. Computer Objective Questions, Computer MCQ Questions, Computer multi choice questions, Computer Gk etc.

MCQ.1 Which one is volatile memory in a computer system?

(A) HardDisk(B) RAM(C) ROM(D) Optical Drive

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Answer : (B) RAM

MCQ.2 One Terabyte (1 TB) is equal to?

(A) 1028 GB(B) 1012 GB(C) 1000 GB(D) 1024 GB

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Answer : (D) 1024 GB

MCQ.3 Who first developed QWERTY keyboard used in computers and phones?

(A) Raphael Finkel(B) Wim Ebbinkhuijsen(C) Shafi Goldwasser(D) Christopher Latham Sholes

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Answer : (D) Christopher Latham Sholes

MCQ.4 Which operating system is developed and used by Apple Inc?

(A) Windows(B) Android(C) iOS(D) UNIX

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Answer : (C) iOS

MCQ.5 Linus Torvalds develop which operating system?

(A) Windows(B) Mac OS(C) UNIX(D) Linux

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Answer : (D) Linux

MCQ.6 Which one is the first search engine in internet?

(A) Google(B) Archie(C) Altavista(D) WAIS

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Answer : (B) Archie

MCQ.7 Number of bit used by the IPv6 address?

(A) 32 bit(B) 64 bit(C) 128 bit(D) 256 bit

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Answer : (C) 128 bit

MCQ.8 Which one is the first web browser invented in 1990?

(A) Internet Explorer(B) Mosaic(C) Mozilla(D) Nexus

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Answer : (D) Nexus

MCQ.9 Which of the following programming language is used to craete programs like applets?

(A) COBOL(B) C Language(C) Java(D) BASIC

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Answer : (C) Java

MCQ.10 Which Penguin is the mascot of Linux Operating system?


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Answer : (B) TUX

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